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Nathan Aime David Becker English 102 January 6, 2011 Student Evaluation of Teachers Any business, industry, or profession desiring to better itself must have some means to determine its' strengths and weaknesses. Until these factors are determined, improvement cannot be made to any meaningful end. A company desiring to better the performance standards of its employees will have supervisory personnel complete periodic evaluations of their subordinates based on their intimate day to day knowledge of the employee. If that same company desires to achieve higher standards in its operations it becomes necessary to receive feedback from both its' employees and customers, for if too many of either are unhappy with the company it will not prosper. Colleges and universities, though not usually looked at as being a business, are exactly that. They are in the business of providing education, and are paid to do so. An individual desiring to better themself and further their education by attending a college, university, or even a trade school, will pay a tuition fee to attend. In essence, they hire the institution and are buying their product. They attend with the expectation that they will receive appropriate instruction in whatever field they have decided upon. Whether their expectations will be achieved is dependent upon two factors: the individuals' own desire and determination to apply themself to the given material and the ability of the instructor to convey the given material. An unfortunate fact is that not all teachers are good teachers. Teaching, as in any other profession, requires certain knowledge and skills, all of which can be learned. But to be a good teacher, an effective teacher that is respected and admired for their ability to reach out and help others to learn, requires a passion to do so. Unfortunately, as in
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any other profession, not everyone that has chosen to become a teacher has that passion and subsequently is ineffective in their ability to teach, much to the dismay and frustration of their students. Just as one would seek to find a good doctor by the referral of friends or family, a student should be able to seek out a good instructor in the same manner, assuring they will get value for the money they've paid. They need to get input from other students regarding the effectiveness of the instructors. Most colleges and universities now utilize evaluation forms for their students to fill out after attending each class, enabling the students to give feedback on how effective the period of instruction was as well as the satisfaction level of the performance of the teacher. This, in turn, can help teachers identify their strengths and weaknesses, provided that the teacher is
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NathanAime_EN102_Unit4revised - Nathan Aime David Becker...

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