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EugeneOsbornAssignment 1 - Assignment 1 LAW2221-Scroggins...

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Assignment 1 1 LAW2221—Scroggins Clarkson Text Chapter 1: 1. Define “jurisprudence.” Understanding the different in judges thoughts, which can affect their decision making. 2. Identify and describe the main sources of law listed in your text. Constitutional Law: laws expressed in constitutions. Statutory law: laws enacted by legislative bodies at any level of government. Administrative law: rules, orders, and decisions of administrative agencies. Case law: all areas today not covered by statutory or administrative laws. Common law: general rules that applied throughout English realm and eventually the US. 3. Define and discuss substantive and procedural justice. Laws are classified in several systems, Substantive law consists of laws that define, describe, regulate and create legal rights and obligations. Procedural laws consist of all the laws that delineate the methods of enforcing rights established by substantive law. 4. Distinguish between civil and criminal law. Civil law is between persons or their government. Criminal Law: wrong against the public 5. Explain the concept of precedence. The decision furnished an example for decision cases involving similar legal facts. 6. Distinguish between law and equity. Law is compensation in a monetary form. Equity is a judgement with no adequate remedy available. 7. Explain the doctrine of stare decisis . Judges are obligated to follow the precedents established within their jurisdiction. 8. Explain the basic steps in legal reasoning. 1. What are the key facts and issues? 2.
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EugeneOsbornAssignment 1 - Assignment 1 LAW2221-Scroggins...

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