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Unformatted text preview: Aaron Wesel ENC-102 October Assignment 1 To Communicate Effectively by Aaron Wesel Currently, I am in the middle of taking a course on English Composition. I believe that this course will help me communicate more effectively both in writing, and in speech. I hope that after completing this course, I will know how to get my point across more clearly, will be able to convince people to agree to my point of view by sounding more believable, and will know how to do research on my topic so that I could present all the facts of whatever topic I am speaking about. One way that learning to communicate better would help me in my everyday life is in speaking to and arguing with my colleagues in yeshiva. Yeshiva is a quasi-school where orthodox jews like me sit around a table for many hours every day and try to understand all the intricacies of jewish law. This involves much discussion and argument amongst my peers and me, and often it is very hard to get anyone else to agree with my point of view as to what a particular commentary meant to say. I think that right now, I waste a good part of my point of view as to what a particular commentary meant to say....
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