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Wesel_Aaron_WA4 - state in the Mideast While nearly...

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Research Proposal Aaron Wesel I would like to do a research paper on the benefits of the State of Israel to the USA. My aim is to influence my readers – the American public - to support Israel in mind, with their voting, and with monetary contributions. My position as the writer is to be just someone like them – a normal American citizen. My preliminary thesis statement is as follows: Few people are aware of the great benefits that we, as the American public, derive from a very small
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Unformatted text preview: state in the Mideast. While nearly everyone has heard of Israel due to the constant conflict going on over there, a lot of people cannot answer the simple question of why the USA supports Israel so much. And the USA does support Israel so much – to the tune of nearly $3 billion dollars per year, besides for all the non-financial backing that Israel enjoys from the USA at the UN....
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