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UPPER DIVISION ELECTIVE COURSES Spring Term 2012 (1121 ) ARCH 332-3 Special Topics in Archaeology I Prerequisite: REQ-ARCH 272 or by permission of instructor. D100 ST-Paleolithics Prerequisite: REQ-45 units. Recommended: one lower division ASC course. ASC 400-3 Selected Topics in Asia Canada Studies Prerequisite: REQ-45 units. BUSINESS Courses see Important Course Information above CMNS 387-4 Special Topics in Communication Prerequisite; REQ-60 units, including one of CMNS 210, 220, 221, 223, 230, 235, 240 or 253; or written permission of Instructor ([email protected]). D200 ST-Media and Education CMPT 320-3 Social Implications - Computerized Society Prerequisite: REQ-A CMPT course and 45 units. Requirement Designation: B-Sci CMPT 322W-3 Professional Responsibility and Ethics Prerequisite: REQ-three CMPT units, 30 total units and any lower division W course. Requirement Designation: Writing CRIM 301-3 Crime in Contemporary Society Prerequisite: REQ-This course may not be taken by students who are majoring or minoring in Criminology. Requirement Designation: B-Soc CRIM 315-4 Restorative Justice Requirement Designation: B-Soc CRIM 355-3 The Forensic Sciences Requirement Designation: B-Soc DEVS 401-4 Issues, Concepts and Cases in Development and Sustainability Prerequisite: REQ-60 units. Students with credit for ENV 401 may not complete this course for further credit. EDUC 351-3 Teaching the Older Adult Prerequisite: REQ-60 units. EDUC 456-4 Models of Contemporary Arts in Education Prerequisite: REQ-60 units. EDUC 465- 4 Children’s Literature Prerequisite: REQ-60 units. EDUC 471-4 Curriculum Development: Theory and Practice Prerequisite: REQ-60 units. ENSC 304-1 Human Factors and Usability Engineering ENSC 406-2 Engineering Ethics, Law, and Professional Practice Prerequisite: 100 units or permission of the instructor. ENV 399-3 Special Topics in Environment Prerequisite: REQ-15 units and 2.75 CGPA D100 ST-Environmental Controversy E100 ST-Environmental Law FNST 322-3 Special Topics in First Nations Studies D100 ST-Statistical Data and Methods in FNS FNST 329-3 Sexuality and Gender: Indigenous Perspectives Prerequisite: REQ-45 units. Students who have taken FNST 322 may not take this course for further credit. FNST 403-3 Indigenous Knowledge in the Modern World Prerequisite: FNST 201 or by permission of the department. FNST 433-4 Indigenous Environmental Activism Prerequisite: REQ-45 units. FPA 312-3 Selected Topics in Art and Culture Studies Students who have taken FPA 312-5 prior to 1999-2 may take this course for further credit. FPA 314-3 Readings in the History of Art and Culture
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