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E01_MidSem_CH504_June05 - concentration equals 25.0 g/l...

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UNIVERSITY OF PERADENIYA Faculty of Engineering MIDSEMESTER EXAMINATION – June 2005 CH504 BIOLOGICAL PROCESS ENGINEERING (1 hour) Answer all questions. The marks shown in the square brackets are the percentages of the total marks for that question. Simplifying assumptions used in developing solutions should be stated. In case of any uncertainty about the meaning of the question, the assumed meaning should be clearly stated. (1) Consider an organism with the following data for a 1 litre chemostat operated at steady state with sterile feed using an inlet substrate concentration of 30 g/l: Flowrate v (ml/hr) Substrate Concentration Cs (g/l) Cell Concentration Cx (g/l) 27.5 10.0 12.0 24.2 5.56 14.7 22.1 3.70 15.8 18.8 2.32 16.7 Determine the Monod kinetic constants for the above organism and the yield coefficient. [ 2 5 % ] (2) In a continuous, perfectly mixed vessel at steady state with no cell death, if the inlet substrate
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Unformatted text preview: concentration equals 25.0 g/l with sterile feed, what dilution rate will give the maximum total rate of cell production? Assume that the Monod kinetic constants are m μ = 0.03 per hr and s K = 1.57 g/l. The yield coefficient is given by s x Y / = 0.6. [35%] What are the outlet cell and substrate concentrations at this dilution rate? [15%] (3) Using the organism of Question 2, your boss would like you to design a continuous reactor system with an inlet flow and substrate concentration of 250 l/hr and 25 g/l, respectively. Assume no cells or product in the system inlet. Would you recommend a single fermenter or two fermenters in series? You need not to work out the numerical solution. Only discuss how you would find the answer for this design problem. [25%]...
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