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Unit 7 Lab project 4 - Body Part Lips Palm Bottom of foot...

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Body Part Brush Soft Object Notes Lips 5 7 Palm 9 5 The brush tickles Bottom of foot 10 7 Both tickle Elbow 3 3 No direct sensation Kneecap 3 3 Stomach 7 4 Brush has cold feeling Back of hand 4 4 neck 5 4 Back of neck more sensitive then side hip 2 1 Logan Wiseman Biology The more you use the body part it seems the more sensitive it becomes, my two being my palms and my feet while my hip and my kneecaps have the lowest. Considering we use our hands every day it’s obvious they’d be more sensitive to touch and feel, they make sure if we grip something hot we know to move away while our feet make sure we don’t step onto anything to hard or sharp that could cause damage. I would assume that cat whiskers contain a high density of neurons allowing them quick responses to stimulation making sure they don’t accidently run into things and to avoid certain sensations as well.
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Logan Right/Left/Either Which eye would you use to look through a telescope or peephole in a door?
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