Ambiguity over lead contractor systems manager career

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Unformatted text preview: tems manager: Career ambulance man, not an IT professional, already told that he was to make way for a properly qualified systems manager; Analyst: Contractor with 5 years experience working with LAS. 2 key members of evaluation team: Ian Sommerville 2004 Slide 9 Software Engineering Case Studies Problems: Project management Lead contractor responsible Meant to be SO, but they quickly became snowed under, so LAS became more responsible by default; No relevant experience at LAS or SO. Concerns raised at project meeting not followed-up. SO regularly late in delivering software Often also of suspect quality, with software changes put through `on the fly'. Formal, independent QA did not exist at any stage throughout the CAD system development. Meanwhile, various technical components of the system are failing regularly, and deadlines missed. Ian Sommerville 2004 Slide 10 Software Engineering Case Studies Problems: Human resources & training (i) Generally positive attitude to the introduction of new technology. Ambiguity over consultation of ambulance crews for development of original requirements. Circumstantial evidence of resistance by crews to Datatrak equipment, and deliberate misleading of the system. Large gap between when crews and CAC staff were trained and implementation of the system. Inability of the CAC and ambulance staff to appreciate each others' role Exacerbated by separate training sessions. Ian Sommerville 2004 Slide 11 Software Engineering Case Studies Problems: Human resources & training (ii) Poor industrial relations. Management `fear of failure'. CAD system seen as solution to management's desire to reduce `outdated' working practices. System allocated nearest resource, regardless of originating station. System removed flexibility in resource allocation. Lack of voice contact exacerbated "them and us". Technical problems reduced confidence in the system for ambulance crews and CAC staff. Ian Sommerville 2004 Slide 12 Software Engineering Case Studies System problems Need for near perfect information Without accurate knowledge of vehicle locations and status, the system could not allocate optimum resources. There were numerous possible reasons for...
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