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Unformatted text preview: Foundations of Software Engineering (for non-software engineers) Some dramatic failures involving software engineering Guy-Vincent Jourdan Sources Collection of slides from: Sommerville's cases studies: The London Ambulance Service Dispatching System: The Ariane5 launcher accident "Examples of software engineering failures or shortcomings and the outsourcing phenomenon", EMP5117 project, D. Gauthier, S. Kemdirim, X. Cao. January 2004 The London Ambulance fiasco The London Ambulance Service (LAS) Computer Aided Despatch (CAD) system failed dramatically on October 26th 1992 shortly after it was introduced: The system could not cope with the load placed on it by normal use; The response to emergency calls was several hours; Ambulance communications failed and ambulances were lost from the system. A series of errors were made in the procurement, design, implementation, and introduction of the system. Ian Sommerville 2004 Slide 3 Software Engineering Case Studies London Ambulance Service Managed by South West Thames Regional Health Authority. Largest ambulance service in the world (LAS inquiry report) Covers geographical area of over 600 square miles Resident population of 6.8 million people (greater during daytime, especially central London); Carries over 5,000 patients every day; 2,000-2,500 calls received daily, of which 1,3001,600 are emergency calls. Software Engineering Case Studies Ian Sommerville 2004 Slide 4 Computer-aided despatch systems Provide one or more of the following: Call taking; Resource identification; Resource mobilisation; Ambulance resource management. CAD software & hardware; Gazetteer and mapping software; Communications interface (RIFS). Radio system; Mobile data terminals (MDTs); Automatic vehicle location system (AVLS). Consist of: Ian Sommerville 2004 Slide 5 Software Engineering Case Studies The manual system to be replaced Call taking Recorded on form; location identified in map book; forms sent to central collection point on conveyor belt; Form collected; passed onto resource allocator depending on region; duplicates identified. Resource allocator d...
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