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Source executive summary of mars climate orbiter

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Unformatted text preview: e Orbiter Mishap Investigation Board 1 Report". Lessons Learned Software should not be assigned sole responsibility for safety, and systems should not be designed such that a single software error or software-engineering error can be catastrophic. Software should be subjected to extensive testing and formal analysis (reviews) at the module and software level; system testing alone is not adequate. To facilitate reviews : software audit trails should be designed into the software from the beginning documentation should not be an afterthought. Could outsourcing have prevented the failures ? London ambulance dispatching system and Therac-25 Probably. Applying software engineering (CMM) standards from the start for these projects would have prevented most problems from occuring. Ariane 5 and Mars Climate Observer Probably not. The best people to detect and correct the errors were on hand. Both NASA and ESA already follow very stringent software engineering norms....
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