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EMP 5100 Mid Term EMP5100 – Final Exam 2007 1. List and describe the various methods used to structure organizations, and list their various advantages and disadvantages associated with each. [10 marks] 2-Discus with brief description the methods to displace a manager (with advantages and disadvantages of each way) 2008 1. Suppose you are a member of the engineering design review committee. List and discuss briefly at least 10 areas that a review committee may throw
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Unformatted text preview: questions at the design engineer during his/her equipment design review. 2. Prove that the present worth of annuity is given by: ( 29 +-=-j j R PW n 1 1 Mid term 2003 : 1) Qualities of a good manager. 2) Linear programming: Profit, Z=60X1+50X2 Machine A: 2X1+4X2 ¡Ü 80 hrs Machine B: 3X1+2X2 ¡Ü 60 hrs Answer of the question: Maximum profit, Z=$1350. When, X1=10 units. & X2=15 units....
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