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EMP5100 - Introduction to Engineering Management Lecture 2 1. Introduction to Engineering Management What is Management? Management is a distinct process of (1) planning, (2) actuating (motivating), (3) organizing and (4) controlling, performed to determine and accomplish stated objectives by the use of human beings and other resources. Historical Review (see hand-outs) 2. Characteristics of Management 1. Management is purposeful 2. Management makes things happen 3. Management effectiveness requires the use of certain knowledge, skill and practice 4. Management is an activity, not a person or a group of persons 5. Management is aided, not replaced by computers 6. Management is usually associated with efforts of a group 7. Management is an outstanding means for exerting real impact upon human life 8. Management is intangible but its results can be observed 9. Those practicing management are not necessarily the same as the owners (e.g shareholders) Engineering management Of the many problems in industrial organization and management, the most elusive and difficult is the management of engineering and design activities. The problem here is to establish a framework of neatness, order, good housekeeping and systematic procedures without destroying the premises for imagination and creative work. The major elements of engineering department’s responsibility to the general management comprise the preparation of information to manufacture the company’s EMP5100 1 September 19, 2005 Basic Resources The 6 M.s: Materials Manpower Machines Methods Money Markets Planning Actuating Organizing Controlling Stated Objectives (End Results)
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EMP5100 - Introduction to Engineering Management Lecture 2 product, to keep it trouble-free, in service, to maintain continuously all its performance
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Lecture2_Sept19_2005 - EMP5100 - Introduction to...

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