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EMP5100 - Introduction to Engineering Management Lecture 4 4. How to Develop People in Your Organization …and how to motivate Key People in Engineering. Note that motivated people are 2-10 times more productive. Motivators 1. Uncover tools of self-motivation that work best for each employee Talk to your people. Ask questions. Study their reaction. Identify their frustrations, whether they are groundless or not. Differentiate between those factors that fuel enthusiasm and that sap 1 interest and initiatives. 2. Get your people personally involved in the goal-setting act. 3. Flatter employees by consulting them on important matters. 4. Shoot for total understanding of policies and objectives. “Controlled Flow and Response”. Communicate one measured portion of information at a time. Pay close attention to the employee’s reaction. If the message is not getting through, the expression on his/her face will often tip you off. Ask pertinent questions to check his/her understanding. Get the people to repeat your meaning in his/her own words. 5.
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Lecture4_Oct03_2005 - EMP5100 - Introduction to Engineering...

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