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EMP5100 - Introduction to Engineering Management Lecture 11 11. Engineering Maintenance Management The fundamental objectives of maintenance engineering are to ensure that new material is designed for ease of maintenance and that an adequate economic support is provided in a timely manner. Some of the contributing objectives of maintenance engineering: 1. Reduce the amount and frequency of maintenance 2. Improve maintenance operations 3. Establish optimum frequency and extent of preventive maintenance to be performed 4. Reduce the maintenance skill required 5. Reduce the volume and improve the quality of maintenance publications 6. Provide maintenance information and improve maintenance educational programs 7. Improve the maintenance organization 8. Improve and ensure maximum utilization of maintenance facilities Questions: 1. Do I know what equipment and work activity are consuming the “lion’s share” of maintenance $$$? 2. In terms of job cost, am I able to compare the “should” with the “what”? (should cost compared to what it costs) 3. Do I know how my craftsperson are spending their time, i.e. travel time, delays etc.? 4. Do I know how much time my foreman spends at the desk and at the job site? 5. Are we providing the craftsperson with the right quantity and quality of material where they need it and when they need it? 6. Do I know the craftspersons are using the current tools and methods to do the job? 7. Do I make sure that maintainability factors are considered in the design of new or modified facilities? 8. Have I balanced my spare parts inventory in terms of carrying cost versus downtime losses? 9. Am I sure that sound safety practices are being followed? 10. Do I have a solid base to measure productivity and is it improving? If an unqualified “yes” is the answer to each question, the management program is well
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Lecture11_Nov28_2005 - EMP5100 - Introduction to...

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