hw1_fall11 - CS421 HW#1 due Nov 25 2011 1 Assume that there...

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CS421 HW#1, due Nov. 25, 2011 1. Assume that there are 3 links on a path connecting hosts A and B passing through routers R1 and R2 as shown in the following figure. Each link has a distance of 400 km and the transmission rate of each link is shown in the figure. We are transmitting a file composed of five packets from node A to node B using datagram packet switching. Each packet has a length of 1000 Bytes including all headers. Assume that the processing and queuing delays in each intermediate node are negligible and the propagation speed is 2x10 5 km/s. i. Calculate the total delay incurred in transferring the file from node A to node B. ii. What is the average rate of data transfer, in bps, in the above file transfer assuming that each packet contains a 40 Byte header? 10 Mbps 1 Mbps 10 Mbps R1 A B R2 2. Suppose you use the Go-Back-N protocol for reliable data delivery over a connection with an end-to-end delay of 20 msec. The data is transferred using segments each with a size of 1000 Bytes and ACK packets have a size of 40 Bytes. The connection is perfectly reliable with a transmission rate of 10 Mbps. What should be the minimum window size, in segments, so that the sender achieves full utilization for this connection? 3. Consider a connection with a 5 msec one-way propagation delay, i.e., 10 msec roundtrip propagation delay. We want to transfer a file composed of 20 segments (with sequence numbers from 1 to 20), where each segment has a transmission time of 1 msec. Assume that ACK segments have negligibly small size and there is no processing delay at the receiver.
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hw1_fall11 - CS421 HW#1 due Nov 25 2011 1 Assume that there...

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