hw1_spring11 - CS 421 HW#1, due Apr. 1, 2011 1) Assume that...

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CS 421 HW#1, due Apr. 1, 2011 1) Assume that there are 3 links on a path connecting nodes A and B, where each link has a distance of 200 km and a transmission rate of 10 Mbps. We are transmitting a file composed of three packets from node A to node B using datagram packet switching. Each packet has a length of 1000 Bytes including all headers. Assume that the processing and queuing delays in each intermediate node are negligible and the propagation speed is 2x10 5 km/s. i. Calculate the total delay incurred in transferring the file from node A to node B. ii. What is the average rate of data transfer, in bps, in the above file transfer assuming that each packet contains a 40 Byte header? 2) Suppose you use the Go-Back-N protocol for reliable data delivery over a connection with an end-to-end delay of 30 msec and with a window size of 2 16 Bytes. The connection is perfectly reliable with a transmission rate of 100 Mbps. i. What is the maximum possible sender’s utilization for this connection? ii. What should be the minimum window size in Bytes so that the sender achieves full utilization? 3) Consider a 1 Mbits/sec connection with a 14 msec one-way propagation delay, i.e., 28 msec roundtrip propagation delay. We want to transfer a file of size 9000 bytes. Each segment has a total size of 625 bytes including the 25-bytes header. When there is data to be transmitted, each segment contains the maximum number of bytes. Assume that ACK segments have a size of 125 bytes and there is a processing delay of 1 msec after a segment is fully received at the receiver
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hw1_spring11 - CS 421 HW#1, due Apr. 1, 2011 1) Assume that...

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