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25-11-2010 BILKENT UNIVERSITY EEE212 Microprocessors – 2010 Fall Semester Midterm Open TextBook Closed Notes , Calculators Allowed Use the boxes provided for your answers! Use comments for readability , otherwise the programs will be partially graded! Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes Q1 (30 points) Q2 (20 points) Q3 (25 points) Q4 (25 points) TOTAL SOLUTION
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2 Q-1) [30 pts] Answer the following questions. Show your calculations clearly and provide explanations if needed. a) [7 pts] Write down the values of the Accumulator and CY (carry), AC (auxiliary carry), OV (overflow) and P (parity) flags after the following code is executed. MOV A,#0DBH ACC: 59H CY: 1 AC: 1 OV: 0 P: 0 MOV R0,#7EH ADD A,R0 b) [7.5 pts] Among the following instructions which ones generate error during assembly? Put an ‘E’ in the blank next to the instruction you think that will not assemble correctly. Assume that the label ‘HERE’ exists in the code. ADD A,@R0 ____ ADD B,R1 __ E _ JB 20H, HERE ____ PUSH A _ E _ CJNE @R0,#11,HERE ____ ANL 00H,#00H ____ JNZ R2,HERE _ E __ ADC A,#FFH __ E _ MOV 12H,@R2 __ E _ c) [7.5 pts] Assume that XTAL is 44.2368 MHz for an 8051 microcontroller. To perform serial communication with a baud rate of 28800 bps, what should be the value of TH1 register? What is the bit duration (the time a single bit remains on the transmission line) for this communication? (Assume that SMOD bit is 0). TH1: -4 (FC H) Bit duration: 1/28800 s Baud rate=timer overflow rate/32 28800= 44.2368x10 6 /12/(256-TH1)/32->TH1=256-44.2368x10 6 /28800/32 = 256-4=252 = - 4 = FCH Bit duration=1/28800 = 34.72 μ s d) [8 pts]
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Fall2010_Midterm_Solution - 25-11-2010 BILKENT UNIVERSITY...

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