MidtermFall2007 - 16-11-2007 BILKENT UNIVERSITY Electrical...

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16-11-2007 BILKENT UNIVERSITY Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dept. EEE212 Microprocessors Midterm Open TextBook No Calculators Use the boxes provided for your answers! Use comments for readability , otherwise the programs will be partially graded! Duration: 1 ¾ hours Surname:_______________________________________ Name:_________________________________________ ID-Number:___________________________________ Signature:________________________ Q1 (25 points) Q2 (25 points) Q3 (25 points) Q4 (25 points) TOTAL
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Q1) [25 pts] We have a string embedded in the on-chip ROM at the ROM location 0300h. The string terminates with the null character 00h (string can be zero characters wide) and the string’s length does not exceed 99d characters. We want to calculate the occurences of each capital letter in the string. Write a procedure with the name FIND for which as a result the number of occurences of the letter ‘A’ should be written at RAM location 41h as a BCD, of the letter B at RAM location 42h again in BCD and so on. The list of the capital letters and their ASCII codes are given in Figure 0-1 in the textbook. Assume that the RAM locations 41h-5Ah are clear when the procedure
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MidtermFall2007 - 16-11-2007 BILKENT UNIVERSITY Electrical...

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