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Developmental Psychology February 3

Developmental Psychology February 3 - Developmental...

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Developmental Psychology February 3, 2011 - Teratogen – any substance or agent that produces fatal deformities during the course of pregnancy. - Alcohol, tobacco, cigarette smoke, etc. Alcohol is the most dangerous of the teratogens. - Child with FAS will have strange facial deformities as it gets older. o Accompanied by lower-level intellectual functioning. Alcohol in particular affects the multiplication of neurons. - Teratogen – (greek) “monstrosity-making.” - Damage done depends on the stage of development. o ‘Sensitive Periods’ – parts of pregnancy when teratogens will have the most devastating effects. (2 nd week is most noticeable. - Not all fetuses are equally susceptible to teratogen effects. - Monozygotic twins show more concordance (similar patterns) of alcohol-related birth defects than dizygotic twins. - *Consumption of alcohol during pregnancy has been increasingly more frowned- upon as time has passed.
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