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Developmental Psychology February 15, 2011 John Bowlby – “father” of Attachment Theory o Trained by Melanie Klein - Influenced by Niko Tinbergen, Konrad Lorenz, and Zigmund Freud - Bowlby was the first psychologist that decided it would be interesting to study people in prison. o Found that these criminals were very vulnerable despite their tough exterior once one got to know them. - Wrote the “Forty Four Juvenile Thieves” (monograph and 1 st volume). - Critical period hypothesis** - Bowlby argued that there is a period of time in an infant’s development when it is imperative that the caregiver form a relationship with the infant. Mary Ainsworth - During her time studying in the Ph.D part of University of Toronto, encountered Bowlby’s “Forty Four Juvenile Thieves”. o She was impressed and decided to pursue Psychology. - After finishing her Ph.D, she worked as a faculty member at UToronto. o
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