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Developmental Psychology February 22 - o Moved to NYC to...

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Developmental Psychology February 22, 2011 Infancy - Widespread death of infants was explained early on in 19 th century by microorganisms due to recent findings. o Recommended method to reduce death toll: Caregivers and infants are separated a little more. (assumed that caregivers are giving babies the disease.) Don’t pick them up more than absolutely necessary. This does not mean neglect the child; just don’t carry them around unnecessarily. - John Watson o Best known for being the Father of Behaviorism Wrote The Psychological Care of the Child and Infant (1928 ‘When your baby cries, DO NOT pick that child up.’ o It will make the baby a spoiled brat o Gives baby too much control - Rene Spitz o Gave the same advice to stall infant mortality rate, which continued to rise.
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Unformatted text preview: o Moved to NYC to propose this study: Group 1 infants and toddlers abandoned by parents and assigned to foundling home. Group 2 infants and toddlers assigned to foundling home attached to women’s prison. • Both groups were exactly the same except for the women’s prison, from which women could volunteer to play with children. o After a year, he found that Group 2 infant death rates went down, while Group 1 infant death rates remained high. o Proposed that the attention was the changing factor: is the immune system affected by emotional engagement?-Intergenerational transmission effects o Cross generation impact So if there is an issue of attachment between two generations, how will this affect future generations?...
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