Developmental Psychology March 8

Developmental Psychology March 8 - Long-term memory, LTM...

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Developmental Psychology March 8, 2011 Donald Hebb - Levels of processing model Atkinson and Shiffrin model - Storage and Transfer o Sensory Input Duration and capacity o Sensory Memory, modality, specific 1 second or less Iconic Echoic Olfactic Gustic Haspic - To move from Sensory Memory to STM, attention is required; subject must be intrigued by object to be remembered. o Short-term of Working Memory, STM 12-30 sec Very limited 7 +/- chunks George Miller Possible to extend the capacity of STM through rehearsal; repetition of the information; will still degrade no matter what. - Moving information from STM to LTM is called consolidation. - Moving information from LTM to STM is called retrieval. o
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Unformatted text preview: Long-term memory, LTM Permanent (theoretical) Unlimited Procedural Declarative Episodic Semantic Spatial Important Terms-HM o Epileptic o Had to remove most of his temporal lobe. Hippocampus was damaged; unable to learn anything new.-Amnesia o Anterograde Unable to learn anything new. o Retrograde Unable to recall previously learned information.-Rehearsal o Associative Hook new information to pre-existing memories. o Chunking o-Chunking o How much information can be put into a chunk? o-7 +/- 2-Recognition-Recall-Forgetting in STM Proposed Mechanisms for Forgetting-Decay (Donald Hebb)-Displacement-Interference...
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Developmental Psychology March 8 - Long-term memory, LTM...

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