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Developmental Psychology March 10

Developmental Psychology March 10 - o Wrote the “Modern...

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Developmental Psychology March 10, 2011 Eugenics in England - Francis Galton (1822) – cousin of Charles Darwin o “Hereditary Genetics” 1869 o 1883 Galton coined term Eugenics (In greek: “well-born”) o Believed that the quality of one’s intelligence had to do a lot with the genes Eugenics in USA - Henry Goddard – director of Vineland State Training o PhD Clark University School (very prestigious) o Wrote “The Kallikak Family” 1912 o IQ/Intelligence that suggested a fixed, innate intellectual ability. - Binet was not happy with Goddard’s findings/works
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Unformatted text preview: o Wrote the “Modern Ideas About Children” in response to work being done in USA. o Died in 1911-After Binet’s death in 1911, Eugenics began to gain momentum. Immigration Act of 1924-Limited the number of immigrants allowed into US to 2 percent of number in each nationaly in 1890 censors.-Test was given to immigration to weed out the less intelligent individuals. -Hitler made use of the concept of Eugenics (in general, not Hitler himself). Terms to be Familiar with: Median Mode Mean – Statistical Average Bell Curve...
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