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ITA 1131: Beginning Italian 2 Spring 2012 Instructor Sherrie Nunn Phone 273-3740 Office DAU 361 (office hours M, W 1:00-2:15) Email Web site Required Materials Parliamo italiano! 4th Ed. textbook and Quia SAM registration card (for electronic Activities Manual) Course Description: ITA 1131 is a second-semester elementary language course for students who have taken ITA 1130, or the equivalent thereof. Emphasis will be on the further development of basic competence in the language. Class will be conducted in Italian. Student oral-aural skills will be developed, as well as reading comprehension and writing skills. Students will be exposed to increasingly more complex texts and situations throughout the semester. Course Objectives: Students will develop their basic knowledge of language structure, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions in the assigned lessons, and acquire further competence in all basic skills: listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing. By the end of this course students can expect to be able to handle with much more confidence the functions learned in Italian 1130. Students will become more fluent in describing people and things in their immediate environment, talking about their family and home, their daily routine, their likes and dislikes, not only in the present time sequence but also in various past tenses. Students will also be able to talk about plans for the future as well as use conditional structures. Final Grade.  Participation (see following page for more information) 15% 20% Exams 45% Final Exam 15% Oral Presentation 5% Grading Scale: 100 – 93 A 79 - 77 C+ 62–60 D- 92 – 90 A- 76 – 73 C 59 - E 89 – 87 B+ 72 - 70 C- 86 – 83 B 69 – 67 D+ 82 – 80 B- 66 – 63 D S/U option: Students that elect this option must earn a grade of “C” (73) or better in order to receive an “S”. — — 1
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Complete information on current UF policies for assigning grade points is found at: . Attendance REGULAR ATTENDANCE IN CLASS IS REQUIRED .   Roll will be taken on a daily basis. Absences (for any reason) up to six will have a minimal impact on your grade. Absences above six will have a more serious impact, resulting in a 1% deduction (per absence above six) from your overall final grade. Arriving late will also impact your grade. Repeated tardiness will be counted towards absence (3 late arrivals = 1 absence). If you are absent it is your responsibility to find out what was assigned, and to be prepared for class the day you return. Assignments are posted on the website (
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syllabus_ITA_1131_S12 - ITA 1131: Beginning Italian 2...

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