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PSY 2012: General Psychology University of Florida Course Syllabus Section 0634 6:15-7:55pm Tuesday, 6:15-7:05pm Thursday McCarty B G086 Course website on Sakai: C OURSE I NSTRUCTOR I NFORMATION Mary Saczawa Office: McCarty C 520 Office Hours: Wednesday 2:00-3:00, Thursday 4:30-5:30 Email: and by appointment T EACHING A SSISTANT Daniel Doan Email: Office Hours: By appointment C OURSE D ESCRIPTION (Credits: 3) Designed to provide a broad, general introduction to the field of psychology, this course is the prerequisite for advanced courses in psychology. Emphasis is on psychology as a research enterprise. Students are required to participate as subjects in psychological research or write a paper on a psychological research article. R EQUIRED T EXT , R EADINGS , AND M ATERIALS 1. Bernstein, Penner, Clarke-Stewart, Roy, & UF Faculty. (2011). Psychology: UF General Psychology Program. Cengage Learning. Publisher website of useful free resources: 2. Bernstein, Penner, Clarke-Stewart, Roy, & UF Faculty. (2011). Exam Preparation Workbook: UF General Psychology Program. Cengage Learning. 3. General Psychology Course Guide is contained in your textbook as well as posted on E-Learning. This document contains essential information about the governance of this course across sections. Students are responsible for all the information contained within this document. 4. iClicker2 personal response system. See . Information on how to register your clicker is in the Course Guide. There is a $10 rebate bundled with the text at the bookstore. 5. Aplia access. See . Aplia is an online resource that will be used in your course grade. You can buy access to Aplia bundled with the book for $10. If you choose to purchase a used book and purchase access to Aplia separately, Aplia access will cost $70. Instructions for how to register for Aplia are included in the Course Guide. The Aplia course key for this section is GF63-VLTJ-NNVV.
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C OURSE W EBSITE The webpage for this course can be found in Sakai at . You are expected to regularly check the site for information or announcements regarding the course. You will be responsible for any changes posted on the course website. Lecture slides will be posted in the “Resources” tab if you would like to download them prior to class. Note that slides do not replace note-taking, and they should only be used as an outline to help you in taking detailed notes. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you will need to download it to display and print the overheads correctly. Sakai has a “Discussions” tab where you can ask questions you have about the material.
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Syllabus_Spring2012 (4) - PSY 2012: General Psychology...

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