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Math 561 H Fall 2011 Homework 1 Drew Armstrong 1. Let G be a group. Prove that the identity element of G is unique (that is, there is only one element of G satisfying the defining property of an identity element). This justifies our use of the special symbol “ e ”. 2. Let G be a finite group. (a) Show that there are an odd number of x G such that x 3 = e . (b) Show that there are an even number of x G such that x 2 6 = e . (Hint: What is the inverse of x n ?) 3. Let G be a finite group. For all a,b G , show that ab and ba have the same order as elements of G . 4. Let G be a group and fix an element g G . Define a function φ g : G G by φ g ( h ) = ghg - 1 for all h G . (a) Prove that φ g is a bijection (one-to-one and onto). (b) Prove that φ g ( ab ) = φ g ( a ) φ g ( b ) for all a,b G . These two properties mean that φ g is an automorphism (a “symmetry”) of G . 5.
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