Galeazzi phy205 test 3 april 11 2010 9 dr galeazzi

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Unformatted text preview: ] A package of mass m is released on a ramp, a distance L from the top of a long spring with constant k attached to the bottom of the ramp. The ramp forms an angle with the horizontal plane and there is no friction between the package and the surface of the ramp. [a] Find the speed of the package just before hitting the spring. [b] Find the maximum compression of the spring (don't forget gravity!). [c] After the spring is compressed it will push the package back up the ramp. What is the speed of the package right when the spring is fully decompressed again? Write your result in terms of m, L, k, , and g, and MAKE SURE TO SHOW YOUR WORK. Remember to check the units/dimensions for each answer. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 Dr. Galeazzi PHY205 Test #3 April 11, 2010 11 Dr. Galeazzi PHY205 Test #3 EQUATION SHEET (Make sure to start all problems from these equations only) April 11, 2010 Vectors: Linear motion: 2D: , ; ; ; tan ; ; ; cos , ; sin . Relative velocity: ; Newton's Laws: Examples of forces: Work: Power: 0 ; 0; ; ; friction: | |, 0 | |, ; ; ; Work-Energy Theorem: conservative forces: in general: examples: Force: Momentum and impulse: Center of mass: Circular motion: Uniform circular motion: ; Rolling without slipping: Moment of inertia: Energy of rigid bodies: ;| ; or ; ; or ; | 2 ; , or ; ;| | ; ; ; ; ; 12...
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