A the cylinder b c 0 a hollow cylinder d a sphere

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Unformatted text preview: a sphere [e] , and a , are racing down an incline with friction. Which one will be [b] The hollow cylinder [c] The sphere [d] The hollow sphere [e] They will all have the same speed [1E.] A bullet is fired horizontally into a wood block and gets embedded into it. The wood is placed on a flat ice surface and is free to move without friction. Which of the following statements IS NOT true about the bullet plus block system: [a] The total mechanical energy is conserved; [b] The total momentum is conserved; [c] The velocity of the center of mass is conserved; [d] The total energy is conserved; [e] The total gravitational potential energy is conserved; 2 Dr. Galeazzi PHY205 Test #3 April 11, 2010 3 Dr. Galeazzi PHY205 Test #3 April 11, 2010 [2.] A hollow cylinder with mass M and radius R is initially at rest. The cylinder is spun around its axis at constant angular acceleration until it reaches an angular velocity . [a] How long does it take for the cylinder to be accelerated to its angular velocity ? The spinning cylinder is then placed on a flat surface where it starts rolling until it moves without slipping. Assume that the work done by friction between the cylinder and the surface is negligible. [b] Derive the moment of inertia of the cylinder. [c] Find the kinetic energy of the cylinder before it is placed on the flat surface. [d] Find the speed of the cylinder's center of mass when it moves on the surface without slipping. , and MAKE SURE TO SHOW YOUR Write your results in terms of M, R, , and WORK. Remember to check the units/dimensions for each answer. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Dr. Galeazzi PHY205 Test #3 April 11, 2010 5 Dr. Galeazzi PHY205 Test #...
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