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CldAtl.p.53 - Dense Ci originating c alone or Cc more from...

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Unformatted text preview: Dense Ci originating - c alone, or Cc more from Cb, present CH C' ' CC ' CS than (Ci + Cs) n :5" 3 a _ -. No Cc, or Cc less than (Ci + Cs) Dense Ci + turreted Ci + Oi Oi not invading in tufts) more than other Ci the sky Cs not covering the whole sky No dense Ci originating from Cb Cs invading the sky m {ruliGi‘viiiv “ \llIN‘V.’*/~;\:\:\‘.hviWNW” Ci in filaments or hooks . . . Cs not exceeding Cs exceeding more than other Ci n 0' invading the sky 45 degrees a 45 degrees 1 / / " Z ' , ; ' ...
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