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2011_Sacramento_Mandarins_Battery_Tenor_audition - 2011...

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2011 Sacramento Mandarins Drum and Bugle Corps Battery Audition music and information Below you will find information pertaining to the upcoming December 18 and 19 audition camp. Please read carefully, and come to the audition prepared. If you have any additional questions about the following information, or about the music attached, please feel free to email me [email protected] . Tempos listed for each exercise are expectations only. While striving to meet the tempo expectation, feel free to perform each exercise at a tempo that is comfortable for you. Video Submittals It is understood that some of you will be submitting an audition video due to a conflict with the first audition camp. For the video, please record the following: 1. A short introduction of yourself including past experience. 2. Perform each of the included exercises for your instrument using a metronome. Make sure the metronome can be heard, but does not cover up the sound of your instrument. 3. Perform material, or a solo of your choosing, that you feel best represents your skill level and experience. Performing on an actual drum is preferred, but if no drum is available, feel free to use a practice pad, or tenor practice pad. You may then either email the video to [email protected] or ...Upload your video to YouTube. If you do not have a YouTube account, you can create one free of charge by going to the following link: http://www.youtube.com/signup.
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Materials and Equipment Persons auditioning must bring the following items that pertain to the instrument being auditioned for. Snare o Snare stand (No snare stands will be supplied) o Sticks (No sticks will be supplies) o Practice pad Tenors o Mallets (No mallets will be supplied) o Practice Pad Bass Drum o Mallets will be provided o Practice Pad For the Visual portion of the audition, it is important that the person auditioning bring appropriate footwear. Tennis shoes or a comfortable running shoe are recommended. Do not come to the audition in any open toed shoe, or sandal that you will not be able to march in. Please see the full corps audition information for more details in this matter. All persons auditioning also need to bring a calendar showing any possible conflicts he or she may have over the course of the season (December to August). Expectations Persons auditioning will be evaluated in the following areas (not listed in order of importance) Mental Approach o How quickly, efficiently and accurately does the performer learn music given to them. o How well does the performer listen, absorb and apply information given to them. Marching o Endurance Can the performer handle world class drum corps drill during a 10-12 minute show. o Technique Technique will be taught by Battery Visual tech. at the first audition camp.
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2011_Sacramento_Mandarins_Battery_Tenor_audition - 2011...

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