3 topics(5 qEach)

3 topics(5 qEach) - how consumers can limit this exposure...

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Decoding DNA With Semiconductors Which thing inspired you to make this technology? Why to decode dna with semiconductors? Is this technology expensive or cheap? Is is safe? How much data it will reveal from Dna? San Francisco tries again on cell phone radiation warning law 5 questions What health problems are caused by mobile phone radiations? What about Hands- Free headsets? Are other people exposed to radiation from my phone?
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Unformatted text preview: how consumers can limit this exposure. What are precautions that mobile development companies should take? Robotics medical:5 questions How does robotics impact the medical field? How Robots are Used in the Medical Field? What are the advantages and disadvantages of robotics in medical field? Do patient trust medical robots? How medical robotics will improve or life?...
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