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Book Format Review - Running head PUT YOUR TITLE IN ALL...

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Running head: PUT YOUR TITLE IN ALL CAPS HERE 1 Title (Title is upper and lower case letters; recommended no more than 12 words) Your Full Name DeVry University
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PUT YOUR TITLE HERE IN ALL CAPS 2 Put Your Title Here This page begins your review. Before you start typing, fix your format. The font should be 12. If you’re using MS Word 2007, go to Paragraph above; the alignment for all text should be left except for the title above, which is centered. Also in Paragraph, go to Line Spacing and click on “double,” and spacing before and after should be 0 pt. In Page Layout, check that the margins are “Normal,” which is 1 inch all around. Then put your introductory sentences here. Be sure you’re giving the background or context in several developed sentences. In this opening paragraph, you must include the author’s first and last name, which is Michael Pollan, and title of the book in italics, which is The Omnivore’s Dilemma . For each subsequent reference to the author, write only the author’s last name. Identify the chapters you will be reviewing as well. Do
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