Paper Proposal Template(1)

Paper Proposal Template(1) - Succinctly state your purpose...

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Running head: ALL CAPS 1 Proposal for [Title of Paper] Student’s Name DeVry University English 135 Elizabeth Anderson Date
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Shortened Title Here 2 Introduction Provide context for your topic here. Why is your topic important? What previous research exists? Why are you interested in this research topic? [1 paragraph is fine] Background Provide a brief (1 paragraph minimum) background on your topic and the existing discussion/research. What are the main trends or theories in this topic? Questions Provide your list of research questions along with your justification for asking them. Purpose
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Unformatted text preview: Succinctly state your purpose in conducting this research. Use this space to describe what you hope to discover through your research. Obstacles In a paragraph or so discuss the possible obstacles you might encounter in completing this research thoroughly. How will you handle/how did you handle these obstacles? What implications do these obstacles have on the research? Plan Briefly summarize how you will complete this project. What plans do you have for future research in this area? Shortened Title Here 3 References Include your annotated bibliography here....
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Paper Proposal Template(1) - Succinctly state your purpose...

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