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Research Review - The Research Process Research can be a...

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The Research Process Research can be a linear process, but more often it is a recursive process. Here is a graphic to help you see the typical stages of research: Phase of Research Sources Results Uses Background reading Internet, encyclopedias General information Jot down key words that appear in the articles and use them to search the library databases Jot down references to key people involved in this topic Gain a sense of structure for the topic from reading general overviews (begin a preliminary outline) Preliminary library search Major databases For English 135, try to start with “Points of View” “hit or miss” results Note all Library of Congress subject headings for the articles that fit your needs. Use these subject headings to narrow the search in the advanced search settings. Note the bibliographies of any articles that fit your needs and look up specific journals, articles, and authors from the bibliography. Focused search Specific databases or journals Use EBSCO “Advanced” Specific information for your outline’s key topics Take thorough notes. Record all reference information. Redundant search Specific databases or journals Find the same information as you did in “focused search,” but find it in different sources Cross-check your information. Verify your information. RE-research All sources mentioned above Review all sources to see if you have missed important or useful information Start at the beginning of your search again, pretending that you have not already researched. Retracing your steps might lead to new insights or sources. Since you now have a deeper knowledge of the topic, you might see important information that you missed on your first attempts. Web Research Review Part 1: Evaluating Web Resources There is an enormous amount of information added to the Internet each day. While much of the information you find might be worthwhile to your research, much of it is incorrect, subjective, and unreliable. No one is monitoring the information put on the Internet; you must take responsibility for the quality of the references you select for your research papers. One big mistake many beginning
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Research Review - The Research Process Research can be a...

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