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WEEK 4 AND WEEK 5 DISCUSSION - WEEK 4 Class This is a great...

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WEEK 4 Class, This is a great opportunity to test out your research questions and ideas. Here are some items from my own work. I did a 3-month study in Second Life (www.secondlife.com) to see how new people learn and acclimate in a virtual world. Here are my research questions: 1. How do new members interact with experienced members? 2. How do new members describe their experiences of entering and exploring Second Life? What reasons do they give for entering the world? 3. What resources do new members have within SL? How do they use these resources to gain experience? 4. What notions of identity do new members express through their avatars? 5. How do new members engage in social activity in Second Life? I had so much fun with this research, but it would never have worked without some strong questions driving the research. Ask yourself: "What do I want to know about this subject? What is important for my audience to know about this subject?" What I want to learn from this subject it’s the history of robotics applications in medicine. I want
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