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What are some examples of effective ways research papers can be organized and arranged? Some of the ways are; keeping the cover page in stated format, centralized headings, page number, standardized way of writing citations etc. Besides the obvious answer of avoiding plagiarism, what role do citations play in the papers? What else do citations accomplish? They give you the exact reference of that particular piece of writing so that in future if you ever search that, you can get the material exactly from that location. It is also used when you quote someone else’s thought and paraphrase that idea so that it is ensured that the document is authentic and the copyrights are not violated. Can you guess who the audiences for these papers are even though you are not familiar with the context? How? It is a research paper to be submitted to the course instructor. I could sense that from the very first page of the document. Some of the papers used extensive sources while others did not. When would a
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Unformatted text preview: paper require extensive sources? When would it not? If it’s an argumentative paper, it would require a lot of sources because you need to quote and evaluate others’ ideas and thoughts to justify your point. It can also be used when you are writing a research paper. Yes if the document is a story or a dialogue, it won’t require much references. • What was the quality of the sources used? Mostly, previously collected data and theories were used for reference and some books as well. • How would you describe the writing styles of these papers? This is a proper APA standard style paper with accurate citations used. • Finally, what have you learned from reviewing these papers that you can apply to your own research paper? This is one good research paper that I’ve skimmed through; perfectly formatted with proper line spacing, referencing, citation, headings. Plus the detailed referencing is done at the end to avoid any kind of plagiarism....
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