CHAPTER 1 CHANGE - CHAPTER 1: CHANGE It is about to help...

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CHAPTER 1: CHANGE It is about to help understand some of the basic truths about college life and academic survival. Written to help you learn to adjust to college life, discover potential, build strengths, and bring positive change Life through self analysis. What employers are saying According to College Learning for the New Global Century (2008). They want college students to acquire versatile knowledge and skills. 63% employers believe too many recent college graduates don’t have skills need to succeed in the global economy. These skills are very important: Computer literacy attention to detail Accuracy tact Self-confidence character Humor the ability to learn new skills quickly Ten Essential Cornerstones for success in a Changing World What Have Your Money and Your Mama Got to Do with it? The M & M Theory we pay attention to and try to protect the things that matter to us. Money and our Mom. According to, The Chronicle of Higher Education, first year students have thoughts regarding college education and money. 272, 00 students who responded to an essay, 74% said being very well-off financially was an essential objective; 66% said that chief benefit of a college education is that increases one’s earning power. 79% believed that through hard work, everybody can succeed in American society. COLLEGE AND YOU Why is it the partnership of a lifetime? Skills desire to achieve from college experience: More self-sufficient and self-confident Establish and strengthen personal identity
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Understand more about global world which live on Become more involved citizen in social and political issues More open minded Learn to manage emotions and reactions more effectively Understand value of thinking, analyzing, and problem solving Expand and use ethical and moral thinking and reasoning skills
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CHAPTER 1 CHANGE - CHAPTER 1: CHANGE It is about to help...

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