CHAPTER 2 ENGAGE - CHAPTER 2: ENGAGE Your success depends...

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CHAPTER 2: ENGAGE Your success depends on personal motivation and learned optimism. You have to physically, and emotionally engage in motivate yourself to accomplish your goals and dreams. Help you learn how to become a more motivated person and how to be creative, positive visualization in life and how to develop goals and values. THE POWER AND PASSION OF MOTIVATION What is the difference between internal and external motivation? Motivations a force that can transform your attitude, alter course of performance, intensify your actions, and illuminate your future. Motivation helps you live a life that reflects your true potential. External motivations are external forces or people causing you to do something. It isn’t you. You didn’t necessarily choose to do them on your own. Internal motivation is uniquely yours. It pushes you to go after what you want. It is a strong and driving force because it’s your own. Comes from your desire to be something, have something, to attain a goal that you truly desire. Find an internal reason to move forward-a rationale for how a course is going to help you, now and in the future. This is called internalizing. THE NEED TO BE MORE What is the relationship between motivation and Maslow? Abraham Maslow a psychologist introduced The hierarchy of basic needs in his land mark paper, A Theory of Human Motivation . Basic premise is that every human being motivated by a set of basic needs and that we will do whatever it takes to have these things in our lives. Self-actualization most important when comes to motivation. We all have a basic, driving desire to matter, to have a life in which we are doing what we were meant to do. Self- actualization basic need in us all, then theory holds that we all have a burning desire to do our best work, to live a life that matter, and reach our fullest potential. MASLOW’S HIERARCHY OF BASIC NEEDS Self-Actualization Personal growth, fulfillment, reaching your potential socially, compassionate Esteem Needs Self-esteem, achievement, recognition, earning the respect of others, independence Loving/Belongingness Needs Friendship, family, affection, relationships, belonging in work groups, sexual intimacy Safety Needs Security of body, security of employment, having resources, protection from the elements, law,
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CHAPTER 2 ENGAGE - CHAPTER 2: ENGAGE Your success depends...

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