CHAPTER 5 THINK - CHAPTER 5 THINK Critical Thinking major...

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CHAPTER 5 THINK Critical Thinking major aspect of daily life, affecting nature of the way lives and function in society. Ability to think critically, solve problems, and become information literate going to help you greatly in all of your classes and well into your career. Chapter will help you learn how to look at the world with an open mind, embrace change, plan your activities, and plot a course to your future. THINKING ABOUT THINKING Do you know why you think what you think? Understanding why and how we formulate thoughts and ideas is main objective of this chapter and critical thinking in general. This chapter about fundamental hallmarks of becoming an educated citizen, it is about human thought and reasoning. IMPORTANCE OF CRITICAL THINKING When will I ever use it? Critical thinking can help you: Focus on relevant issues and avoid wasting time on trivia Gather relevant, accurate information regarding goals, decision making or relationships Understand and remember facts and organize thoughts logically Look more deeply at problems, analyze their causes, and solve them more accurately Develop appropriate and meaningful study plans and manage your priorities Improve problem-solving skills Control emotions so that you can make rational judgments and become more open- minded Produce new knowledge through research and analysis Determine accuracy of printed and spoken words Detect bias and determine relevance of arguments and persuasion THE EIGHT STEPS IN CRITICAL THINKING 1. Understanding and using emotional intelligence – You need to know when your emotions are clouding an issue and causing you to act and speak before thinking If you allow your emotions to run rampant and fail to use research, logic, and evidence, you may not be able to examine the issues critically or have a logical discussion regarding the statements. Emotional intelligence helps people cope with social and emotional demands in
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CHAPTER 5 THINK - CHAPTER 5 THINK Critical Thinking major...

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