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CHAPTER 6: PRIORITIZE Poor time management leads to more stress and more stress leads to poor time management skills. However, learning to effectively manage your time, you can reduce a major factor that contributes to stress levels in your life. TIME—YOU HAVE ALL THERE IS Can You Take Control of Your Life and Make the Most of Your Time? Some people seem to get so much more done than other people. Appear always be calm and collected and have it together. Others never finish projects on time, rarely have time to study, and appear to have no concrete goals for their lives. Some people learned how to overcome an beat procrastination, tie their values systems to their time managements plans, and use their personal energy and passion to accomplish more. One key to managing your time is to consider your values. TIME MANAGEMENT AND SELF-DISCIPLINE Do You Have What it Takes to Get It Done? Time management actually about managing you. Taking control and assuming responsibility for the time you are given. Time management is basically self-discipline- and self-discipline involves self-motivation. Time management paying attention how you are spending your most valuable resource time and then devising a plan to use it more effectively. Self-discipline implies you have the ability to teach yourself how to get more done when things are going well and when they’re not going well. Self discipline about four things making decisions, changes, employing will power, and taking responsibility. Willpower and self-discipline about retraining your mind to do what you want it to do and not what it wants to do. I’LL DO IT WHEN I HAVE A LITTLE FREE TIME
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