CHAPTER 7 LEARN - CHAPTER 7 LEARN Discover how to learn and...

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CHAPTER 7 LEARN Discover how to learn and how you learn are two of most important things ever doing for yourself. Learning how to learn means you know where to find information, store information in brain so it’s easily retrievable. Learning how you learn knows own learning style, primary intelligence, and personality type and understand how to apply characteristics to learning situations. Chapter will give you opportunity to discover your learning style, dominant intelligence, and personality type. When discover them, things will begin to change for you and will have the tools necessary to make some important decisions about learning. WE HOPE YOU LEARNED YOUR LESSON! What is this thing called learning, anyway? Learning is a cognitive mental action which new information is acquired or which you learn to use old information in a new way. Learning can be conscious and or unconscious. Learning can also be formal (schooling) or informal (street knowledge). Learning is what you do for yourself; it is not done to you. Chapter all about-helping you discover how you learn, why you learn, and assisting you in finding best way to learn so you can do the learning for yourself on a more effective level. What do the experts say? The most important things to take form these examples is tied into jean piaget’s theory of holistic learning – that as individuals with diverse and varied needs, backgrounds, and experiences, we require a variety of stimuli to help us learn and that we all learn differently at different stages in our lives. GIVE YOUR BRAIN A WORKOUT Can I really learn all this stuff? The proof that you can learn is that you have learned in the past. You have capacity to know more, do more, experience more, and acquire more knowledge. It’s in our nature to learn every day. You need to know how this process works in order to make most of your brains’ natural learning power. Time and effort are very important aspects of learning process. When workout the brain and use to learn new material it releases a chemical cypin. It helps build
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CHAPTER 7 LEARN - CHAPTER 7 LEARN Discover how to learn and...

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