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Listening considered by many communication experts be one of the most essential skills for building relationships, solving problems, becoming open-minded, learning new information, and getting along in life. Listening help on note taking, retaining information, and actively involved in learning process. CHAPTER 9 RECORD Categories of listening 1. Listening with a purpose suggests a need to recognize different types of listening situations. 2. Listening objectively means listening with an open mind. 3. Listening constructively means listening with the attitude. Four listening styles 1. Action-oriented 2. Time-oriented 3. People-oriented 4. Content-oriented Listening can be so hard Overcome the obstacles to listening 1. Prejudging – act of shutting out what is being said. 2. Talking – not even best listener in the world can listen while he or she is talking. 3. Becoming too emotional – emotions can form a strong barrier to active listening. Worries, problems, fears, and anger can keep you from listening to the greatest advantage.
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