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Leadership for master11 - Leadership is one of the...

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Leadership is one of the qualities that everyone can possess in ease. Some people are born leaders whereas some are made into one on the due course of time. Leadership can be understood as an influence of one person on another for completion of a chore. Leaders can transmute the ordinary into extraordinary and the mundane to magical. Efficient leaders enable the maximum usage of the team’s or individual’s potential and maximize the output of the team/individual. With the leadership of the leaders, the team performs better and achieves the goals in a faster and better. According to the Neo-emergent theory, leadership is not created through the actions of the leader himself rather due to the emergence of information of the leader. There are some traits that determine the leadership qualities in a person. The personality of the leader is one of the most important things to be taken care of. There are many leadership trait theories that help to distinguish a leader from a follower. One such recognized model was the
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Leadership for master11 - Leadership is one of the...

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