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LEARNING PLAN SMART Goal #1 I want to increase my reading comprehension and speed. Activities: Read one front-page article from BBC.co.uk. or CNN.com per day Time my reading Increase my vocabulary when I don’t know a word after reading SMART Goal #2 I want to increase my writing skills. Activities: After taking class notes I will rewrite them several times per week Put my notes into full, grammatically correct sentences Read my notes or work out loud by doing this I will catch grammar mistakes I will practice my writing skills. It can either be when writing my notes, when sending emails or when I do an essay or journal SMART Goal #3 I want to improve my research skills. Once a week I’ll see and learn how to use library databases of DeVry
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Unformatted text preview: Once a week go to the DeVrys library and see all the books Once a week find a article about a topic that interests me Stop using resources that first pop on Google SMART Goal #4 I will want to increase my problem solving skills Three times a week practice orienting and defining problems Three times a week think of past solutions to similar problems, and try to improve the past solutions Three times a week apply the problem strategies to solve puzzles or word games Three times a week analyze and determine what the problem is asking I agree to fulfill my SMART goal activities by the times and dates indicated in the goals. ___________________________________________ __________________________ Signature Date...
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