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english make up - 1. The class wrote a brief process essay...

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1. The class wrote a brief process essay (about one page double spaced) describing a science trick that the instructor performed in class. For makeup, write a short process essay (about one page double-spaced) entitled How to __________ (you are to fill in the blank). Begin with an attention-getting introduction. Describe the how-to clearly so a reader could can the process. Technologies are such important mechanisms in society nowadays, especially researching information on the computer. Thus, in this passage, I will be demonstrating the process of researching information in the internet through Google in the hope that it will spark enthusiasm of online research. First of all, in order to research information online, you would need these following resources: Computer/Lap top, Internet Access (Cabled or wireless), and Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox. Then, after you have all these supplies, follow the procedure listed below. First, open the computer/ lap top by clicking on the “On” button located on the system. If you have any problems locating the power on button, ask a surrounding computer expert and see if he/she can help you with it. After turning on the computer, a Windows screen should appear gradually. Since computer is a very complicated piece of technology, the Windows screen may freeze, resulting in the darkness of the screen. If this happens, you should click the “on” button
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english make up - 1. The class wrote a brief process essay...

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