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narrative essay - ENGL-112 Paper #1-The Narrative Purpose:...

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ENGL-112 Paper #1—The Narrative Purpose: To create a narrative using ingredients of plot, character, setting, theme, style; to present to the reader a well-developed story that has a beginning, a middle, and an end. While the paper may contain background information, it should focus on a single scene and it should describe this incident with enough “telling details” so that the reader feels that the action is happening while he or she is reading . Detail: Develop sensory images through specific, concrete words: "Telling details" are the key to making a story come alive. Visualize while writing so the reader can visualize while reading. Topic: Most students select an incident from their own experience. You may also write a fictional story, although narratives of actual events tend to be better written. (No video game stories, please. Also no repeats of old papers you’ve done before.) Here are some points to ponder for coming up with a topic: The first time in your life you were ever treated as an adult A time in your life that you got away with something that you should have been punished for An ethical dilemma A lesson learned An embarrassing experience A prank you pulled An experience that led you to change the way you view life A time of change (moving, starting school, etc.) A time that you felt like an outsider A dramatic incident A moment of intense fear or other emotion. Remember to focus on a single incident as the core of your narrative. Title: Use one. Format: Follow these guidelines: Your heading should include your name, section (official designation or day/night), assignment (Paper #1), and date. Single space and right justify the heading. Center the title. Double-space and left justify the body of the paper. Do not skip extra any extra line(s) between paragraphs. Indent the first line of each paragraph one tab. Number your pages using the word processor (not by hand). Use Times New Roman 12 font.
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narrative essay - ENGL-112 Paper #1-The Narrative Purpose:...

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