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Paper2ComparisonSpecs - ENGL-112 Lawrence Paper#2-Essay...

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ENGL-112 Lawrence Paper #2—Essay using comparison and contrast Purpose: To use comparison and contrast as a way of developing a paper and supporting its purpose, be it to inform, to persuade or to entertain. Comparison is not an end in itself. Consider your audience and what you are trying to get across. Topic: Choose something that interests you and, you feel, will interest the average DeVry student. A list of possible topics may be found at the end of this handout. You do not have to choose a topic from this list. Title: Use one. Format: Follow the same guidelines as for the narrative paper: Your heading should include your name, section (official designation or day/night), assignment (Paper #1), and date. Single space and right justify the heading. Center the title. Double-space and left justify the body of the paper. Do not skip extra any extra line(s) between paragraphs. Indent the first line of each paragraph one tab. Number your pages using the word processor (not by hand). Use Times New Roman 12 font. Introduction: Use something other than "My comparison paper is about..." See pages 262-265 in the text for suggestions on different types of effective introductions. Organization: This paper does not have chronology as its built-in organizing principle. As the text indicates (pp. 158-159), there are two basic patterns for developing a comparison, block
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