week 1 class - “I agree" Rosalie said"Your...

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Bryan Barron ENGL-112 Week 1—Class 01/09/2011 The Art Gallery Kerrie had first approached Rosalie about displaying her paintings two years ago, and together the women had contrived to bring not only Kerrie’s work but also that of several other female artists into the public arena. Eventually, even the critics began to review their shows. "Now that my work is selling, I want to paint even more," Kerrie said, "I have money for quality supplies for the first time in my life.” “Success couldn’t come to a more deserving person,” Rosalie said with a warm smile. “And I guarantee your new landscapes will all sell within the week. They’re absolutely gorgeous.” Coming to her feet, Rosalie picked up Kerrie’s newest painting. “Let’s put this in a place of honor on the back wall so everyone will see it first on entering the gallery.” “This is my best piece so far,” Kerrie remarked, following Rosalie as she made her way toward the back of the gallery, “I feel like a glorious gardener!”
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Unformatted text preview: “I agree," Rosalie said. "Your impression of the gardens is particularly lush. The color fairly dazzles the eye.” “And so we shall dazzle the critics tonight,” Kerrie playfully declared, moving on to innocuous matters. “I sent notices to all the papers last week.” Rosalie glanced back over her shoulder. “Perhaps that young art critic from the Times will be here tonight. He seemed to appreciate not only your work but you as well the last time he reviewed our show.” “We’ll see.” A pretty model before she took up painting, Kerrie was familiar with fawning swains. “After my ex's sullenness of late, I’m not sure I’m inclined to be pleasant to a man.” “You’ll be in a better mood once all your paintings are sold and you’re a good deal richer.” Rosalie smirked. Kerrie grinned. “Oh yes, money definitely raises my spirits.”...
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week 1 class - “I agree" Rosalie said"Your...

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