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ECET-305 Supplementary Assignment 4 (version 2) Laplace Transform Applications in Electronic Circuits 1. Consider the series RLC circuit shown below. Suppose the switch has been in the position shown for a long time. Recall that capacitance is defined as where Q(t) is the charge on the capacitor at time t and V c (t) is the voltage across the capacitor at time t. Recall also that the current at a point in a circuit is . At t = 0, the switch is thrown, connecting the input side of the circuit to ground. a. What is the initial charge on the capacitor; that is, Q(0)? b. Write and solve the differential equation for the charge across the capacitor, Q(t)
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Unformatted text preview: for . (Assume that the current is zero at t = 0.) c. Using MATLAB, plot the voltage across the capacitor, V c (t), versus t from t = 0 to 5 milliseconds. (Hint: use the MATLAB function ezplot . See the help file for the function and/or see the tutorial in Doc Sharing.) 2. Repeat the analysis of the RLC circuit as given in the previous problem but replace the 2 ohm resistor with a 100 ohm resistor. a. Find the voltage across the capacitor, V cap (t), for t > 0. b. Using MATLAB, plot V c (t) versus t from t = 0 to t = 500 microseconds. Circuit for Problems 1, 2 L1 2mH C1 1uF R1 2 Ω J2 Key = Space V1 12 V...
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