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ECET 305 SA 5 Transfer Functions

ECET 305 SA 5 Transfer Functions - 2 Consider the circuit...

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ECET-305 Supplementary Assignment 5 Transfer Functions 1. For the system transfer function, H(s), given below, find the following: a. The poles: p 1 = __________ and p 2 = ____________ b. The partial fraction form of H(s) = ___________________ c. The magnitude frequency response of H(s) at 10 Hz = __________________ d. The impulse response of H(s) = _____________________
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Consider the circuit given below. Suppose the output voltage is the voltage across the resistor. Find a) the voltage transfer function, H(s), and b) plot the frequency response of the system (Bode plot). Part a: H(s) = _______________________________________________ Part b: attach plot...
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